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The Sport-Gambling-Online download comes with 4 games. After installing the software, you can easily add many more games through an automatic game patching process which will upgrade the software. There is a total of 19 games which you can add to the Sport-Gambling-Online download software.

Sport-Gambling-Online Lite DOWNLOAD NOW
Version 2.1
File Size 5.6 MB
System Requirements:
  1. No extra software required. Most computers have all that's needed. ** You will only download our games, no extras included.
  2. A modem with 14.4 KB connection speed
  3. A 32-bit operating system (Windows 95, or Windows NT)
  4. A 486/66 microprocessor
  5. 8 Megabytes of RAM
  6. 30 Megabytes of free hard drive space
  7. High Color (16 bit) Video Card

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